I always cry when you’re not here.. actually you’re never here.. beside me..I think of you more than you can imagine!
and you know what .. I’m sad ..I really am .. but I don’t wanna be,so I just smile even everyone know that that’s so fake! just really good fake smile. I love to smile but when I think of you that smile is impossible!
I hurt you last year.. and a few months you hurt me.I got heartbreak and you.. you just fuck everything you see.  now you love that bitch but she is just playing with you like all girls that you met .. but I .. I love you more than anything .. you said that I don’t deserve you, but I can not just forget you.
You know .. i really love you. I loved you I love you now and I will always love you.. I don’t know what is so special about you but what I know is that I’ll never stop loving you and you will always be my number one but you never understand me because my feelings are so strong and big for you. 
my friends said that you aren’t beautiful or good boy they said you’re not for me .. but I think that you are so for me.I don’t know what to do now when you’re gone.. you just disappeared from my life.. and now I lost my best friend,my lover,my boy that made me so perverse.. I think I got so many memorys of you that I can’t delete or forget so than I can’t stop like you at all.. and than I just stand alone in life without you.
I wish you are here when I need you.. that you hug me when I don’t feel well.. like before. you have to know that I will never leave you .. and that i’ll forgive you what ever you do.. because I really love you.. and that will always be like that.